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Rebuild baselines


Rebuild a curve

This command allows you rebuild a baseline, resetting the number of controlpoint, the degree of
the curve and also the angle-threshold to filter the corner.


  1. Select the baseline that you want to rebuild.
  2. Fill in the options that are given and click Ok (or press space) to confirm

Adaptive rebuild tutorial


  • Angle threshold: the angles bigger than this will be ignored, and the corner removed.
    The angles smaller than this will be kept and the corner will remain.
  • Point Count: the number of control point that the new rebuilded curve will have.
    Higher this number, higher the accuracy of the rebuild will be.
  • Curve degree: specifies the degree of the curve


To remove corner points, right click on the J_CrvInsertCorner button to call J_CrvRebuildBySegs.

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