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Transform line edit


Edit a transformed curve

This command allows you to edit the translation, rotation and center point of a
transformed curve.


  1. Select the transformed curve you want to modify
  2. Select one of the three highlighted points: translation point, rotation angle point
    and rotation center point.
  3. Move the selected point where desired and left click to confirm the transform.
  4. Restart from Step 2 if needed, otherwise right click exit the edit.

Transform tutorial


  • Translation point: represents the translation and it is at the end of the translation vector; by moving this point only the translation part of the transform will be modified
  • Rotation angle point: represents the angle of rotation and it is at the end of the rotation arc; by moving this point only the rotation angle will be modified
  • Rotation center point: represents the center of the rotation; by moving this point only the rotation center will be modified

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