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Stab on intersection


Create stabs on the intersections between curves

Stabs are helpful objects used to rappresent punches. This
command allows you to add a stab on an intersection between curves.


  1. Select the target curves. The stabs will be added on each intersection between the selected curves
  2. Set the option in the windows that shows up
  3. Click Ok (or press space) to confirm

Stab intersection tutorial


  • Radius: radius of each stab
  • Offset: the offset is the distance from the intersections for the stabs serier will be created
  • Flip button (shortcut: T): if you are using an offset, use flip to change the direction of the offest


  • You can choose only one line; the stabs will be added on its self-intersections.
  • If you are using an offset, the stabs move along the target curves

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