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Spring curves


Partially rotate a given set of lines

Spring a given set of lines around a selected rotation point.


  1. Select the lines you want to rigidly rotate
  2. Select a base line you want to spring
  3. Select the part of the line you want to rotate
  4. Select the part of the line you want to keep fixed
  5. Continue selection or right click/enter to spring
  6. Select rotation center
  7. Select first rotation point (origin)
  8. Select second rotation point (target)
  9. Repeat until you are satisfied

Spring tutorial


Spring curves will interpolate what is in the middle of the fixed and rotating part of the curve.
This will distort the original curve but it will keep constant the two ends. This workflow has been
developed so that it mimic the one that is performed with paper pattern.

A new layer will be created and the new curves will be added to that layer.

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