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Smoothed corners


Add smoothing to lines intersection

This command will add a arc fillet or a straight line on the intersection of two given curves, or between two portions of the same curve
(like on the corner between two segments of a polyline or on a self-intersection)


  1. Select the two points on the curve(s) where you want the smoothing to approximately start/end or select the smoothing you want to edit
  2. Set the options in the dialog and click Ok (or press space) to confirm

Smooth tutorial


  • Smooth type: use the radio buttons to choose between a radius (an arc) or a chamfer (a straight line)
  • Distances: set the size of the radius or the distances of the chamfer ends from the chosen intersection
  • Edit points (shortcut: W for curve A, E for curve B): Edit the points on the curves where the smoothing start/end
  • Limits: If the smooth is limited it can not overlap others smooth

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