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Size codes


Add or move a size code geometry

Size code are sets of “notch-like” geometries used to distinguish the current size of a given part.
They must be attached to a boundary, and their geometry will follow the codes set in the grading table.


  1. Set the desired codes in the code column of the grading table.
  2. Select the boundary you want to add the size code to or select the size code you want to move
  3. Click the (new) point on the boundary where you want to place the sizecode. Use the command line option to flip
  4. The default “VvV” geometry will be shown. Use J_ShowGradeCurves command to see the different codes on other sizes

Size code tutorial

Usable geometries

Use any set of the following letters as codes. Use the settings to set the geometries size (uppercase correspond to full size, lowercase will generate a geometry of half of the size.

Code Geometry
‘V’ or ‘v’ V shape
‘U’ or ‘u’ Arc shape
‘S’ or ‘s’ Squared shape
‘A’ or ‘a’ Sharp arc shape
‘ ‘ (space) Gap between geometries

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