Develop patterns
Manage parts
Grade parts

Show graded model


Show the graded curves and parts

Use this command to check the results of the grading of the model parts


  1. Check the desired parts in the left list
  2. Set the fitting (if you created any) in the drop-down box above
  3. Check the desired sizes in the right list. Curves are now shown in the model
  4. Use above options to control what you want to see

Show graded tutorial


  • Show base curves (shortcut: E): toggle to show or hide all graded base curves present in the model
  • Show generating lines (shortcut: R): toggle to show or hide all curves needed to generate the selected parts
  • Pin (shortcut: P): use this command to close the dialog keeping the graded model visible
  • Measure (shortcut: M): use this command to measure lengths on the model


Only graded parts and base lines are shown.

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