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Assess a part

The assessment of a part is an estimate of the maximum material usage efficiency when various copy of that part are cut. Whenever a part is created its assessment is computed and stored in a not visible layer. Use this command to check the result and manually try any further optimization.


  1. Select a part in the part panel
  2. Right click on it to show the contextual menu and click Assess part
  3. The layer containing the related assessment result is shown
  4. You can move the different groups of copies of the part to improve the placement. To check the current efficiency deselect all objects
  5. Press Esc key to exit the assessment and return to the previous active layers.

Asses part tutorial
Asses part tutorial


  • You can re-compute the efficiency as many times as you want, until you press Esc or you change the current layer. Re-running the command from the menu will reload the placement with the maximum reached efficiency.
  • As moving multiple copies at the same time can be confusing, try following these rules when searching for a better placement:
    1. At first place the red copy using the white one as a point of reference, ignoring all the other moving together
    2. Then place the green couple below the red and white copy, ignoring the purple copule that remains still
    3. Lastly place the purple copies as all the others stay still

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