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Multiple notches


Create a series of notches on a curve

Notches are helpful objects used to store building information into the pattern itself. This
command allows you to add a series of these notches to the model parametrically.


  1. Select the target curve you want to add the notch
  2. Fill in the options that are given.
  3. Use Pick on the curve and Select intersecting curve button to add multiple notch to the curve.
  4. click Ok (or press space) to confirm

Notch tutorial



  • Width: width of the notch
  • Height: height of the notch
  • Type: different shape of notches available
  • Flip: move the notch to the other side of the curve

Distance based

  • Pick on the curve: select on the curve the position where to put the notch

Intersection based

  • Select intersecting curve. This allows to select which other curve to use as intersecting
    object to calculate where to put the notch.

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