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Multiple marker


Create a series of markers on a curve

Markers are fixed geometries that can be placed on a given target curve. This command allows you
to place a series of markers and set their parameters


  1. Select the target curve you want to add the marker to
  2. Set the options in the window that shows up
  3. You can edit the placement of an existing marker or add a new one using the Add/Edit button. Press Enter (or right-click) to confirm.
  4. Click Ok (or press space) to add the markers to the model

Marker-multi tutorial


Multi Markers:

  • Number of markers: set the number of markers you want on the curve. These markers will be placed
    at the same distance between each other, and each of them will cover an equal part of the curve
  • Percentage of length: the length of the markers will depends from this value. With 100% the
    markers will cover all their parts of curve, with 50% they will cover half of it, and so on
  • Percentage from start: use this value to move all the markers along the curve from the start of
    their part of curve (0%) till the end (100%)

Marker properties:

  • Markers Height: set the size of the marker
  • Offset distance: set the distance from the target curve you want to place the markers
  • Bind markers on curve (shortcut: R): check it to force the marker to stay with one side on the target curve
    Changing either the height or the offset will modify the other value consequently
  • Flip offset (shortcut: T): use the flip button or press T to choose the side of the offset
  • Cap size: set the size of the cap of the marker geometry
  • Flip cap (shortcut: E): use the flip button or press E to choose the side you want the cap to be placed on


  • Group (shortcut: Y): group together the created markers. Check this if you want to edit them together, or uncheck it if you want to treat them as single markers
  • Add/Edit (shortcut: W): use this button to edit each of the markers previously created or to create new markers
  • Remove (shortcut: Q): use this button to delete one existing marker


While editing/adding markers it is possible to use the undo (Ctrl+Z) function to revert the last operation

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