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Mirror curves


Create and edit a mirror curve

Mirror are defined starting from a curve and a mirror curve. They will mirror the said curve along
a given mirror line. The mirroring will be performed on the XY plane.


  1. Select the target curve you want to mirror or select the mirrored curve you want to edit
  2. If you are creating a new mirror curve, select the line you want to use as mirror line
  3. Fill in the options that are given in the form and click Ok (or press space) to confirm

Mirror tutorial


  • Select the mirror line (shortcut: T): allows you to change the mirror line
  • Partial begin (shortcut: R): you can take a subset of the curve starting from this point
  • Partial end (shortcut: Y): you can take a subset of the curve ending in this point


The partial being/end will use the direction of the curve to determine which is the beginning and
the end of the partial. You can use the direction command (_Dir) to visualize and swap the
orientation of the base curve.

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