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Create and edit margins

Margins are variable offset curves that refers to a base curve and a number of its points
to calculate an offset from it.


  1. Select the curve to add the margin to or Select the margin to edit
  2. Use the dialog to add/remove offset points and to edit them
  3. Click Ok (or press Space) to confirm

Margin tutorial


Offset points management

  • Add (shortcut: W): Insert an offset point to control the margin
  • Remove (shortcut: R): Delete an existing offset point
  • Select (shortcut: E): Select an existing offset point to edit distance value with the numeric box
  • Move (shortcut: Q): Move an existing offset point along the curve

Other options

  • Flip (shortcut: T): Move the margin to the other side of the curve
  • Smooth (shortcut: Y): Use a smoother interpolation between offset points


If you want a simple constant margin just edit the numeric box to set its value

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