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Grade group assignment


Assign and check grading groups on curves and centers

Use this command to assign a grade group to any base curve and check which curves
are assigned to which group. You can also assign groups to grade centers, so their graded position
will follow that group mapping


  1. Choose the group from the list shown in the dialog. Use the buttons below to perform the desired operation:
  • Use Curves command (or press E) to add or remove (using Ctrl+click) curves and centers to the selected group
  • Use + (or press W) and (or press Q) buttons to set or reset center’s grading group
  • Use Show (or press R) button to check which curves and centers use currently selected group
  • Use Clear (or press T) button to remove all curves and centers from the selected group

Grade group assign tutorial


When you assign curves to a group, currently set curves will be selected, so you can add or remove to the selection
according your needs

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