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Create, move and delete a grading center

Use grade centers to set the scale origin of the model base curves during grading or add
other kinds of constraints.


  1. Select where to place the center
  2. A new center is added. Use the dialog to configure the grade center


  1. Select which center to edit. Use the dialog to configure the grade center


  1. Select the center to delete.

Create and edit grade center


  • Align: if set, the grade center and all its assigned curves will ignore the
    main grade center (GC_Upper or GC_Sole) and just scale from this grade center
  • Override: if set, all curve that refers to this center will grade using scale factors
    computed basing on different sample dimensions and increments, ignoring the grade table parameters.
    The new dimensions can be set using the boxes below
  • Override size measures: in this table it is possible to override the scale measure for each single size in
    the model. You can specify an increment so that if, as an example, the target length of your size 11 is 300mm you
    can add an increment of 10mm, so that the scale will be calculated using a target length of 310mm.


  • Assign (shortcut: W): Assign the grade center to base curves of the model: select the base curves
  • Move (shortcut: E): Select a new position for the grade center
  • Change master (shortcut: R): Use this option to make this center “slave” of another, making its graded position
    depend also on the “master” center settings


There are one or two centers, GC_Upper and in case GC_Sole, that are automatically generated while creating a new
grading table. GC_Sole will be assigned to all base curve that generates entities which belong to parts marked as Sole.
These centers can only be moved, so you cannot delete or edit their behaviour.

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