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Create and edit decoration

Decorations are replications on a target curve of a given pattern formed by one or more curves.
They are used to draw decorations or other repeated design on a existing line.


  1. Select the set of curves you want to use as a repeated pattern or select the existing
    decoration you want to edit. Press Enter (or right-click) to end selection
  2. Select the target curve you want to add the decoration to
  3. Set the options in the window that shows up and click Ok

Decoration tutorial



  • Distance: distance between the decorations in the series
  • Number: number of decorations in the series

Distance from

  • Distance from start: the distance, calculated from the start of the curve, from where the pattern series will begin
  • Distance from end: the distance, calculated from the end of the curve, where the pattern series will finish
  • You can also use the pick start button (or press W) and pick end button (or press E) to choose points on the curve


  • Scale X: The scale factor applied to the horizontal dimension of the pattern
  • Scale Y: The scale factor applied to the vertical dimension of the pattern
  • Offset value: the offset value is the distance from the target curve where the pattern series will be created
  • Flip button (shortcut T): if you are using the offset, move the decoration to the other side of the curve

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