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Border Templates


Create and use preset of border styles

This command allows you to create, edit, store and apply to a boundary side a set of entities that can be created with this plugin


  1. Type the name of the desired template, press Enter (or click on the suggestion) to load it or use the import button (or press L) to choose a template file
  2. Use the controls to set the parameters of the entities. The preview on the right will change accordingly to the current values. Use clear button (or press C) to delete all the current settings
  3. Click the Apply nodes button (or press A) to pick the segment of a boundary where you want to apply the template
  4. Use the save button (or press S) to store the template for future uses

Border template tutorial


  • When you import a template file (.brd files) it will be copied to the default folder, so when you’ll need it you won’t have to import it again
  • Be warned that saving a template will overwrite any other one with the same name

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