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Annotations table


Create and edit annotations

Annotations are usefull to create table with the properties of the document, such as Season, Designer,
Project name, etc. Often they are printed in a layout of the document.


  1. Select the position on the document where you want to add the annotation table or select the
    annotation you want to edit
  2. Fill in the properties that are given. Click Ok (or press space) to confirm

Transform tutorial


  • Height: the height of the cells
  • Width: the width of the cells
  • Row count: the height of the table, measured in number of row
  • Logo height: the height of the rectangle reserved for the logo, measured in number of row
  • Text height: the height of the text
  • Set position (shortcut: T): allows you to move the annotation table from a picked point to another


All the cells will have the same Height and Width. All the text will have the same Text height.

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