Software updates • 21.04.2021

Jevero 2021.1 – Improvements and updates (Rhino 7)

Jevero was updated to the latest version, 2021.1, to ensure the best compatibility with Rhino’s new release.

Ported Jevero to Rhino7

McNeel Rhino 7, which was officially released in november 2020, is considered by the company to be the most important in their entire history.

Jevero was therefore updated to its 2021.1 version, not only to ensure the best possible compatibility  with Rhino’s new release, but also to enhance its stability and usability – both in terms of speed and accessibility – while solving many of the issues pattern engineers can encounter during the shoemaking and engineering process, including the grading of all the sizes during the engineering phase.

The first feature is in compatibility: it will be incredibly easy to update to the new version, In fact, you’ll just need to restart Rhino in order to update to 2021.1.

New functionalities

Jevero 2021.1 presents numerous features and additional options, including the possibility of viewing the control point editing preview.

It is now easier to edit stabs’ radius when grading a shoe pattern model, and the workflow process is now clearer and more responsive, allowing you to always keep the entities under control, thanks to an even more intuitive and easy interface.

For greater usability, there were various improvements on the visibility of closed curves, grading centers during the grading phase. The geometry transofmration functions were optimized, as well as the infrastructure for dependencies management.

In the area of file import and export, the selective import process for Rhino 7 was simplified. A batch export function was added for PCUT. Moverover, several export problems with PCUT were solved, particularly regarding markers.

In addition, some new commands were added that further improve the user’s QOL, allowing to edit printboxes even more rapidly, manage and remove grading centers centers, and to use numeric inputs to simplify measurements.

Finally, with the 2021.1 release, users can check and monitor the status of their license, to have faster feedback in case of problems.

Solved issues

Thanks to the constant communication with users, the Jevero Team has also solved some recurring problems, such as those concerning the cancellation of unused lines and curves, using a dedicated command, or related to the development of notches and boundaries.

Bugs related to the use of Boolean commands for the creation and modification of boundaries and chains were also solved, as well as some problems with saving in PDF format, in particular regarding the export of curves.

Your feedback means a lot!

Interaction and discussion with our users are essential elements for our research and development team. For this reason, we are always happy to accept requests, reports, suggestions and new ideas to continue improving Jevero and making it an increasingly stable, reliable and pleasant work tool to use.

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