Software updates • 20.11.2023

Jevero 2024.0 update is out

Check out the latest Jevero update: numerous new features and Rhino 8 integration for simpler and more powerful shoe pattern making and production.

Jevero just received its 2024.0 update with many new features

In the continuous effort to improve users pattern making and production solutions, Jevero has introduced a substantial software update. This update includes seamless integration with Rhino 8, despite minor toolbar loading issues. The revamped part renaming interface prioritizes user experience, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly design process. The new “Cancel Part per Boundary” command offers users increased control, allowing for precise adjustments in the pattern-making process.

JeveroCost gets upgrades too!

JeveroCost sees significant updates to streamline costing processes. Users can now input model specifications directly from the costing interface, reducing workflow transitions. Enhancements to material selection UI and nesting algorithms improve efficiency and sustainability. Jevero also addresses file management with a reduced footprint and introduces PDF report support for comprehensive insights. The update includes numerous bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, ensuring a smoother user experience.
In summary, Jevero’s latest software update reflects a dedication to innovation, user satisfaction, and empowering professionals in the shoe pattern making and production industry.

You can get Jevero on our website download page. Don’t forget to send us requests and suggestions to improve Jevero by contacting us on our page and on our LinkedIn group.