Software updates • 17.04.2023

Jevero 2023.1 is out!

In the latest version, we have added several exciting new features that enhance the functionality of Jevero. One of the most notable additions is the pattern scaling feature, which allows users to adjust the size of patterns in their designs with ease.

Model quality analysis

A significant feature introduced in this version is the model analyzer. With this tool, users can perform detailed analysis on their designs to identify any potential issues or areas for improvement. The model quality analyzer tool is an essential feature that enables designers to improve the quality and accuracy of their designs. With this tool, users can perform detailed analysis of their models to identify any potential issues, including unused or invalid nodes, broken boundaries, and other common design problems. One of the most significant benefits of the model quality analyzer tool is that it helps designers to manage unused or invalid nodes. These nodes can be challenging to identify manually, and they can cause issues such as slow cutting times or errors when exporting the model to other formats. The analyzer tool makes it easy to identify and remove these nodes, improving the overall performance and efficiency of the design. In addition, the tool also helps to manage broken boundaries, which can occur when the edges of a model are not properly connected. This issue can lead to gaps or overlaps in the final design, which can be time-consuming to fix. With the model quality analyzer tool, engineers can quickly identify and fix any broken boundaries, ensuring that their models are accurate and error-free.

Support for CRP files

The addition of a new Comelz CRP format exporter expands the ever-growing number of supported formats. This new feature enables users to export their designs in a format that is compatible with Comelz cutting machines, which are widely used in the industry. Comelz cutting machines are known for their precision and speed, and the new exporter makes it easier than ever for engineers to create designs that can be quickly and accurately cut using these machines. With the Comelz CRP format exporter, engineers can export their designs directly from the software, without the need for additional conversion or editing tools.

Single line text export

The ability to export free texts with single line fonts to DXF, PDF, and SVG formats has been added to Jevero. With this new feature, users can easily create and export designs that include single line fonts, which are commonly used for engraving, laser cutting, and other manufacturing processes. The exporter is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making it easy for engineers to create and export files that are optimized for their specific needs. Users can choose to export their
designs as lines or texts, depending on their preferences and the requirements of their project. Exporting single line fonts as lines can be particularly useful for engraving and cutting applications, where precise and accurate lines are essential. With this feature, users can create designs that are optimized for these processes, ensuring that their final product is of the highest quality.

Additionally, we have made several other improvements and fixes that enhance the overall performance and stability of the software. For example, we have made significant enhancements to the costing tool, which is now more stable and efficient than ever before. This improvement will save users time and effort when calculating the costs of their projects, enabling them to focus on the creative aspects of their work.

Overall, this latest version of Jevero represents a significant step forward in terms of functionality, reliability, and usability. We are confident that our users will appreciate the new features and improvements, and we look forward to continuing to develop and refine our software to meet the evolving needs of our customers.