Software updates • 22.07.2022

Jevero 2022.2 is coming on August 1st

Jevero2022.2 improves general stability and focuses on some new features, such as the new grading areas, materials improvement to make them consistent across the board, improved UI by porting forms from WinForms to WPF and the stabilization of Jevero cost’s feature set.

Jevero 2022.2 is coming on August 1st

We are glad to introduce Jevero 2022.2, featuring further optimizations of the user interface and in improving on a large number of functions, which make the software increasingly agile, adaptable to different workflows and stable.

In this version, the improvements concern new integrations for the Jevero Cost module, plus new functions that enrich the UI by simplifying and speeding up the management of objects, sizes and materials.

Jevero2022.2 improves general stability and focuses on some new features, such as the new area grading, material management improvement to make them consistent across the board, improved UI by changing the form management, and the stabilization of Jevero cost’s feature set.

Area grading will let you control multiple lines all at once

Among the upgrades added to Jevero 2022.2 are further improvements to the UI, such as the new Area grading function for size development.
Whereas previously it was necessary to create a grading centre to assign each curve and each line a specific rule, repeating the operation each time, it is now possible to group objects within a defined area, select groups of curves, and assign each group a percentage of horizontal or vertical grading rules.
This facilitates the creation of grading influence areas, assigning all lines to one rule to make them scale in size according vertical or horizontal bands. This function is particularly useful in the creation and prototyping of boots and complex technical footwear, where you need to influence a large number of curves all at once.

Jevero Cost. New features and solved problems

Jevero Cost, one of the most important features of Jevero, now has three new major upgrades:

– The Snap function, which allows curves and lines to be snapped to the cursor and dragged and rotated by 45 degrees when manually placing them on the cutting sheet. The operation can then be copied and replicated, allowing the area occupied by templates and parts to be calculated and space optimized.
– New tooltips appearing in real time at the bottom of the workspace or as contextual labels above the buttons when the pointer is scrolled, which enhance the Jevero Cost UI by providing instructions and suggestions.
– Size and material lists in Jevero and Jevero Cost are now grouped, unified and synchronized. This has significant advantages in particular when several people are working on the same project. For example, a pattern maker and a purchasing manager will be able to manage sizes and materials individually, always working on synchronized data shared in real time.

A number of critical issues have also been solved, in particular concerning formulas in .xls files exported from Jevero Cost, overlapping objects and importing .DXF shapes.

QOL Improvements

New improvements have also been made in the Quality Of Life area, including
– improved handling of degenerate curves during export;
– optimisation of the work area;
– possibility to go back one step during chain creation by selecting the last added segment;
– new eraser/brush-style tool for more easily partitioning lines and curves.

Fixed Critical Issues

Finally, some bugs were fixed and some functions improved, including:
– Changing the roll nesting unit will also update the visualisation
– Improved the handling of disconnection of the radii or chamfers
– Now the background image aren’t affected by the master visibility
– AreaGrading Undo fixed. Now it lets you do the area grading after undo
– Fixed an issue that prevented report generation in XLS with autoparts
– When deleting the grade table the grade centre GC_UP was not deleted
– Fixed an exception when generating boundaries
– Fixed an issue on perpendicularity flag of notches creation

Please check the full changelog to check the full list of features and fixes.

Please continue to send us requests and suggestions to make Jevero more efficient and pleasant to use by contacting us on our page and on our LinkedIn group.