Software updates • 01.04.2022

Jevero 2022.1 is out for all users 🐰

The new version of Jevero is out for everybody to enjoy! New features and improvements were implemented, as well as UI, QoL options.

Jevero 2022.1 Release is out now!

From today you can enjoy a brand new version with improved stability and new functions.

New commands and new features were added, the stability of the software has been further optimized, thus making Jevero even easier, more reliable and pleasant to use, as well as more compatible with all kinds of workflows.

Among the most interesting Jevero 2022.1 additions, the improved manual nesting must be mentioned, which allows you to position two or more pieces at the same time and enclose them within a theoretical surface area, to more easily define and manage the information to be sent to the machine to cut.

Atom cut export was improved in the printbox and consistency areas, making it easier to add extra information.

Speaking of additional information, the single line font function now lets you add free text with a single line, which will save time at the cutting table, plus will let you add all the information needed.

The RTF parts report export was improved, with a new form with various export options, as well as a new and improved pattern part preview, making it easier to manage production and communication between designers, pattern engineers, and production.

The springing options were improved making the quality of life easier even for the most demanding pattern engineers.

The Single Cut functionality now allows you to insert open lines to set single open cuts, while thanks to Margin Match it is now possible to offset the margins thus making a given curve the offset of its parallel curve.

The possibility of inserting this interdependence between two non-dependent curves therefore allows to set a parent curve and a child curve and thus to maintain their constant distance, simply thanks to the selection of single points.

This feature will be particularly useful for those who work with foreign companies, third parties, contractors, who often use DXF files without interdependencies, and involves considerable savings in terms of time and a reduction in the margin of error.

Continuous improvement, and more to come

Jevero 2022.1 represents another step forward in the attention to the Quality Of Life of the pattern engineer operators , thanks to the continuous feedback between the Jevero development team and the users.

A relationship of constant communication that also allows the development of on-demand solutions based on the main market needs. We have much more coming, so stay tuned!

Continue to send us requests and suggestions to make Jevero more efficient and pleasant to use by contacting us on our page and on our LinkedIn group, through the support form on our website, or by writing to

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