Software updates • 30.11.2021

Jevero 2022.0 is out now!

Jevero is back and it’s more solid than ever. Enhance your pattern egineering workflow to make it better and faster.

We are proud to introduce you to the new 2022.0 version of Jevero, which presents further developments in UI and versatility aspects, especially regarding thir party files and software.

Despite being around for only two years, Jevero has been continuously evolving, thanks to the development of new functionalities, inspired by the will to offer a plugin that adapts to every pattern engineering workflow. This past year, the team really focused on quality of life options and stability, and this last version is no exception.

New functionalities for Jevero Cost

The Costing function, one of the most important additions of the 2020.1 release of Jevero, has been further improved with new elements.

Among these new functionalities, the possibility of importing .CSV files directly from a spreadsheet, which could be produced by software such as SAP. This allows Jevero Cost to communicate with the .CSV columns by combining them with those of the materials set up management, ensuring great compatibility and versatility in material management for companies.

Add all the costing elements such as laces, paper, slips, molds and more with the new dialog box “Other Costs”. This happens thanks to the use of a mini manager, which allows you to choose whether to import these additional costs by selecting them individually or in bulk, thus managing the finishes and additional costs in addition to those related only to materials with greater simplicity.

We also implemented a manual nesting which allows pattern engineers and costing managers to set a single or multiple pieces to speed up the calculation process and allow much more control over your models.

Thanks to the new commands it is now possible to rotate a single piece, move it, rotate it to optimize the space available, fille the sheet with your placement and complete a nesting in a few simple steps.

On Demand Additions

Among the upgrades present in Jevero 2022.0 there are some additions which were developed to answer specific requests from customers who use the software: these additions include: direct export of files for Lectra cutting machines, the direct import of .YAML files, the .DIE export / import files improvements.

QoL improvements

Quality Of Life was improved with the inclusion of new icons, changes to the entity filter function, and with the support for high resolution and HiDPI monitors.

It is now possible to also directly import .YAML files and bulk export .DXF files.

Jevero 2022.0 one step further in the development of stability and versatility of pattern making, it focuses on additions and improvements, thanks to the ever going dialogue between our development team and users, that’s why we’d like to remind you toto provide your feedback by contacting us on our page and on our LinkedIn group, through the support form on our website, or by writing to

Licensing updates

The license renewal and release system received a big update. Once the purchase is completed, customers will receive a complete email with all the data necessary to start, and confirming the completion of the purchase, including invoice, license, and license certificate.