Software updates • 19.07.2021

Jevero 2021.2 release is out!

The new Jevero version, 2021.2, is out, and it features further improvements and special on demand additions.

The new Jevero version, 2021.2, is out, and it features further improvements on the user interface and stability side, with particular regard to grading, design of lines and points, and the management of objects such as curves, images and components of the shoe.
The display of material shapes and settings was improved significantly in the Jevero Cost Tool, which is perfectly integrated with the multiple group assignment in the grading panel.
Jevero 2021.2, also features automatic addition of texts to parts. Through the Rhino 7 update, selective import now imports parts in the same order as the shoe file is structured – previously, on Rhino 6, this was not possible.
The program’s goal is to continuously evolve in order to guarantee the highest degree of compatibility with different workflows: for this reason, a dedicated command has been added to further simplify the selection of curves and their respective dependents, for an even more fluid and customized work experience.

Among the upgrades featured in Jevero 2021.2, it is worth noting two additions that were developed at the specific request of some customers who implemented the software in their pipeline.

Expanding the cutting machine compatibility

The first one is the implementation of an option specifically dedicated to exporting DXF files compatible with Elitron‘s software and cutting machines, a leading company specialized in computerized design and automatic cutting systems, able to offer a complete range of solutions, for the leather, technical materials cutting, and graphics management.

Better integration with programming tools through YAML

The second requested addition is the possibility of exporting YAML files, a file format for data serialization based on the storage of language data, as opposed to the appropriate use of markup languages evolved from the JSON format. Compared to the JSON format, in fact, the YAML format allows greater readability, more concatenation possibilities by obtaining valid YAMLs, self-referencing, complex types of comments and text blocks support, as well as extension of the json format.
The YAML format communicates particularly well with Python, expanding its programming possibilities: in the case of shoemaking, it supports the development of applications for calculating consumption, improving the efficiency of shoe prices and detailed analysis related materials usage.

Jevero 2021.2 represents an evolution from previous releases. Entirely based on additions and improvements, it is dedicated, in addition to increasing stability and efficiency, to the user’s QOL, thanks to constant development work to make Jevero more and more compatible with any type of workflow.

Thanks to the ongoing dialogue between our development team and our precious users, further new releases will be increasingly focused towards stability and agility. As always, we invite you to provide your feedback by contacting us on our support form, on our LinkedIn group, or by writing an email to

You can download and then update to Jevero 2021.2 from our download page or from food4rhino.