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Licensing model

Jevero uses an online licensing model that requires annual renewal. This allows us to update the application at a steady rate and keep one version of the software. There are no multiple Jevero versions, each user gets always the latest version. You can find detailed information and the End-User License Agreement (EULA) in the installation […]

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Software requirements

To properly run jevero you will need: A modern machine that can run Rhino McNeel Rhinoceros 3D version 5 or 6 A valid license for the Jevero plugin An internet connection to validate the license and download updates Failing to renew the license will terminate the functionality of Jevero. A grace period exists, but the […]

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Costing at hand

Automatic assessment of shoe parts allow the pattern engineer to keep costing in the back of their head and optimize models as they go. […]

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Custom classification

Right out of the gate, you can use Jevero for custom classification and duty calculation. We offer infrastructure to do so easily and quickly. […]

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Easy collaboration

Share the shoe models using Rhino, PDF, Excel and more reporting tools. Make your work count within your company […]

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Flexible grading

In Jevero, grading is extremely flexible. We designed a system that is fast, powerful, and easy to use. You can quickly generate all the needed developments from the sample size. […]

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Familiar tools

Create boundaries, margins, notches and stabs in a familiar way. If you ever used another shoe CAD you will find yourself at home with Jevero. […]

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Rhino formats

All rhino formats are supported by the plugin. You can load design references in PDF, AI and 3D objects into any available format. […]

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