Software updates • 28.10.2021

[ENG] Jevero becomes official McNeel Rhino OEM

You can now purchase Rhino and Jevero together, directly from Jevero’s selling platform.

Jevero, as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), is a producer and developer of proprietary software, is authorized to market Rhino in its bundle packages.

This means that it is possible to purchase both Rhino and the official Jevero plugin in a single solution, thus relying on a single reference for both the purchase phase and for after-sales assistance and updates.

Thanks to the excellent relationship with Carlos Pérez and McNeel Europe, Jevero is in constant dialogue with the Rhino development and commercial team, to ensure the highest level of compatibility with the software and its releases.

For this reason, McNeel has made Jevero its reference plugin for 2D and 3D modeling in the footwear sector, officially including it in the website.

Jevero also took part in a YouTube webinar series hosted by McNeel Europe on August 5, 2020 presented and commented by Carlos Perez and conducted by Federico Trentin – Jevero Product Owner – to present Jevero’s main features.

The webinar is available for free at the following link.

To find the Rhino + Jevero package that best suits your needs, you can contact the Jevero team on our page and on our LinkedIn group, through the support form on our website, or by writing to