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Case Study – Garmont Groove

Garmont Groove Mid – GROOVE G-DRY
Published on 21.06.2021

Garmont® Groove is a versatile suede hiking shoe, ideal for both mountain trails and everyday use.

The G DRY technology ensures the shoe stays waterproof, while the Garmont® sole guarantees good stability and excellent traction on different types of terrain.

The upper is in 1.6 mm suede leather with G DRY technology, with a TPU thermo-formed heel, a liquid rubber front toe and an asymmetrical thermo-formed collar that ensures great ankle support.

The EVA sole has a rubber tread consisting of directional hexagonal caps, in theme with the hexagonal pattern on the lateral part of the sole.

Other interesting elements include: the asymmetrical lacing system with Heel Lock closure to optimally enclose the heel and prevent blisters and sprains, the double footbed and the A.C.E system with dual-density EVA midsole, which are more supportive on the heel and softer in the plantar area.

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Garmont Groove Mid – GROOVE G-DRY
Garmont – GROOVE G-DRY – Side view

Engineered with Jevero

This shoe model contains so many unique pieces and different materials, and was entirely prototyped and built using the 2021.1 release of Jevero, which simplified and sped up the entire work process, in particular in the management of geometries (curves, margins, mirrors, notches…) and the development of unique pieces, such as the waterproof membrane between the upper and the inner padding, made to measure and proportioned to the other components according to each size.

The management of the development of sizes is precisely one of the aspects on which Jevero has proved to be the most efficient, thanks to a clear and easy-to-use interface, the execution speed of each single operation, and the simplicity of managing the size development even for as regards the graphics and aesthetic patterns of the footwear.

Even the notoriously complex springing operations become very simple, thanks to the possibility of transforming / generating curves in a wide variety of ways – optimizing the consequent mirrors, transformations, etc. – and through different methods, which allow Jevero to adapt to the various working methods.

The complete integration with programs such as Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe InDesign® and the speed of file management – in addition to the possibility of making changes and adjustments on the model at any time, thanks to the parametric nature of the software – are other features of Jevero that have been particularly appreciated by designers and pattern makers, especially in the development of complex footwear such as Garmont® Groove.

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